How to incorporate AI to enhance your Marketing Strategy

All businesses want to come up with a marketing strategy which is unique and stands out from all their competitors. Artificial intelligence (AI) opens new avenues for organizations to add in more features in their marketing strategy and make it exclusive in comparison to what others have to offer. Below are some of the areas where AI can help an organization build up a befitting strategy.

Personalization of customer experience always hits the bullseye. AI enables businesses to create individual experiences for each customer to make them feel like they are being thought of and have an ownership on the experience. This experience is ideally shaped by the customer preferences, inclinations and past buying behaviors. AI tools can create specific messages and updates according to each customer’s needs.

Prognostic Analysis
With implementing AI into the business, one can greatly cutdown on experimenting with marketing strategies and thus, cut down on resource wastage. Now, with the help of AI driven tools, it is easier for business to predict marketing behaviors and make a strategy which is more data driven and specific to the taste of the consumer market. It combines current trends and past consumer behaviors to generate a predictive analysis.

Customer care sector has greatly flourished with time and AI powered chatbots are to be credited for it. Chatbots not only have eliminated the probability of human resource mistakes but also have the ability to attend to many queries at once and that too in the most efficient of ways. Prompt responses of chatbots result in increased customer satisfaction thus retains consumer loyalty.

Content Optimization
Another area where AI has lifted burden off human resource is content optimization. AI enables the content to be structured in such a way that it becomes appropriate for search engines with the correct keywords and sentences. This can directly drive traffic to the website and it improves the SEO rankings.

Image and Video Recognition
Artificial intelligence may also be used to analyze picture, audio and video content. This helps businesses target audience which is specific to their product or brand. This analysis is used for social media marketing because it is more greatly based on catchy visuals; mainly audio and video content.

Sentiment Analysis
AI plays a major role when it comes to deeply understanding the consumer feedback and how sentimentally they have responded to a specific product. AI helps the organization how their product/service is perceived in the target audience. This does not only help organizations identify potential set backs but also to shape their communication accordingly.

While AI is a great opportunity for businesses to take their marketing strategy a notch higher, it should be remembered that it is not a magic potion and has to be paired with human surveillance for optimum results.

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