The Ethics of AI: How to ensure your Automation is Ethical and Responsible


The Ethics of AI

Have you integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business but not sure if you’ve done so ethically and responsibly? This article is just for you to make sure that you have incorporated this technology appropriately and it matches the parameters of passing as ethical and responsible. Read up some of the basic guiding principles below:

Establish clear Goals and Guidelines
Every organization is likely to have its own set of ethics for how the system is run; may it be regarding the production or handling human resources. When an organization is to set up an AI system, it is imperative for them to define certain objective and goals that run the show. This will help the organization to stay on track and in sync with its values; making it easier for the employees to track their progress time to time.

Be Bias and Fair
It is very important for the AI system to be free of all the bias standards and produce results according to that unfairness. The algorithms need to be trained accordingly and the AI should be fair based on factors like gender, age, race or any other parameters that one uses to gauge their performance.

Protection of User Privacy
There are strict laws and proper code of ethics regarding handling the user’s privacy. When the organization is using AI systems, privacy of users should be of prime focus. The AI needs to be given an algorithm which enables it to handle the confidential data in accordance with laws and regulations regarding privacy.

Gauge the System’s Performance
If one wants to ensure smooth running of an AI system, it is important that it is consistently kept under check and monitored for any issues that could arise. Detecting issues beforehand or when they are minor will prevent major setbacks in the future and will ensure smooth running of the system without nay halt.  Running AI within the guidelines is important for this step.

Create Accountability
Decisions can’t be made solely by the AI system and a certain degree of control over them is necessary at all times. As AI systems can’t be held accountable for the outcomes, it should be the person or the team who is responsible for the development and running of the AI system who should be accountable for all its actions, especially when they are not according to the organization’s ethics.

Keep Stakeholders in the Loop
AI can’t be of great help to the business if it works on a single perspective. This issue can be eliminated by involving all the stake holders and making AI system diverse by incorporating ideas from everyone. One the operation of AI involves all stakeholders, it will not only prevent from the system becoming monotonous but will uphold the interest of employees, investors and consumers.

In order to make the automation system responsible and ethical, there are many factors which need to fall into consideration; including all ethical and technical measures. By keeping in view all the measures mentioned above, one can successfully launch an AI system to align with the company’s set of values.

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