10 Productivity Tools to help you Work Smarter, Not Harder

In these fast-paced times, everyone wants to be efficient with their time management and want to get maximum tasks done in less time. The good news is that there are many tools that can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

Following are some of the top tools that might help you to work smart:


If you’re organizing your work and making lists, this tool is for you. Trello is a management tool for most of your projects which helps you enlist your tasks in accordance with your priorities and takes out the dullness from your list of chores. You can play around with making boards, cards and indexes to make things easy.


This is an app every person who doesn’t have a control on their screen time, needs. RescueTime enables you to achieve better time management and prevents you from wasting time by differentiating the productive hours from the hours spent doing time-wasting activities. This can help you set better goals in the future.


Don’t have control over your grammatical errors and sentence structure mistakes? Grammarly to your rescue. As the name itself suggests, this tool points out grammar, spelling and basic errors in no time and also recommends appropriate replacements. You don’t need to spend hours checking and rechecking your essays and can finally improve your writing style.


If you find fulfilling your everyday chores dreary, then it’s time to introduce this productivity tool in your routine. Set your background playlist according to your mood and the tasks of the day and watch your productivity levels go sky high in the most fun way.


Say goodbye to forgetting to complete your tasks on time. Todoist is a task management app which will not only send you reminders of your to-do list but will also track your progress and will help you prioritize projects according to the urgency of the deadlines.


Carrying notebooks and stationery is a thing of the past. Evernote is an app which has enough capacity to keep all your important notes and lists in one place and in correct order for easy access.

Google Drive

This cloud storage service has no limits when it comes to all that it has to offer. Google Drive has been a game changer for all your storage needs and collaborative work. Team work has become more convenient with this app helping you to share documents, slides and sheets with just a click.


This project management tool has now made it easier for you to keep a tab on the growth of your team and the status of your project. Asana helps you to micromanage tasks in accordance to the set deadlines. You can instantly gauge the progress by analyzing the timeline you are provided with.


Social media is transforming the world of marketing and if you too are looking for better and more efficient ways to make your social media marketing experience better, Hootsuite is the app you need in your phone. It enables you to plan your posts, keep tabs on the feedback and make your platforms interactive.


As work-from-home culture is trending, this video conferencing app is the ideal tool and offers multiple features. It’s not only a great tool to hold team conferences but also enables its users to share screens and record online sessions.

Working smarter instead of working harder does not only increase your productivity level but can also be a reason for better job satisfaction. With the mentioned tools, it’s now possible for you to spend a busy day with utmost efficiency

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