What role does Artificial Intelligence play in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the software development industry and plays different key roles to establish software systems. From automating tasks which need to be repeated to increasing the performance of the systems; by incorporating AI, the possibilities are endless.

Following are some of the ways that AI has been proved extremely efficient in software development. 

  • Automated Testing
  • Code Generation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Personalization

Automated Testing

The testing tools which are run by AI are far more efficient that the ones operated by human resources. The former can do quality checks and detect issues before problems like software bugs can cause major setbacks. By eliminating such vulnerabilities, AI makes the entire process time efficient.

Code Generation

Code generation can be quite a task for the people who have to do it manually. AI does not only ensure automatic coding with better time efficiency but the codes are also more accurate, comparatively.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, is an algorithm which understands human interaction; particularly writing and speaking. AI saves a great amount of time as it sorts all the unstructured data without any human interference.

Predictive Analytics

All software systems strive to be the best and serve the exact needs of their consumer base. AI makes this easier for companies to achieve as it promptly and efficiently provides reports based on insights of user data.


Customer care is rapidly becoming one of the top priorities of companies from all industries. AI helps organizations to give their consumers a better experience by incorporating chatbots in their customer care service. Chatbots ensure 24 hour helpline availability, prompt and accurate responses.


AI enables software’s to give their users a very personalized experience. It not only generates and analyzes data from the users but gives them feedback in accordance to their individual preferences and purchase history.

Artificial Intelligence has been able to make a difference in many industries, software development being one of them. It has sped up tasks, made systems more efficient and increased the usability of the software’s. AI is on its way to becoming an essential part of how industries operate.

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